Avatara & Netivity Showcase Pioneering CMMC Compliance Platform at the 2023 National Cyber Summit

Huntsville, AL, September 2023 — The countdown for DoD contractors is ticking. With an imminent CMMC compliance deadline looming, Avatara, a leader in CMMC-focused IT platforms, joins forces with Netivity, Alabama’s premier IT support and cybersecurity provider, at the 2023 National Cyber Summit. Avatara and Netivity will be co-exhibiting at booth #301 at the Huntsville, AL event on September 20-21.

This year’s National Cyber Summit comes at a pivotal moment in which selecting the right IT partner and CMMC solution is paramount for attendees. Since the DoD submitted its highly anticipated proposed rule for the CMMC to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in July, a critical compliance timeline now stands before DoD contractors. The likely prediction for CMMC final rule publication is 4Q2024, leaving companies with a mere 15 to 18 months to achieve compliance before missing out on valuable DoD contracts. As of today, leading advisors estimate that it will take most companies 12 to 18 months of critical assessment, planning, and execution work to become compliant on their own.

That’s a tight timeline that all companies with DoD contracts must keep top of mind. At the National Cyber Summit, Avatara and Netivity aim to educate attendees on a pioneering solution designed to make that timeline more manageable. Avatara’s DoD Platform provides the only deterministic solution available to reduce the friction, expense, and risk associated with achieving and maintaining CMMC compliance.

Specifically designed to comply with DFARS 252.204-7012, NIST 800-171, and CMMC, Avatara’s DoD Platform offers a distinctive business model for procuring and deploying IT as a platform. The solution leverages mandated security controls that are standardized, automated, and enforced by robust data center systems. In terms of compliance documentation, Avatara saves businesses countless man-hours with pre-defined policies, System Security Plans (SSP) templates, and automated evidence reporting.

“Our role as IT providers is to ensure our customers are utilizing the best possible solution at the highest value,” said David Scalf, President & Founder of Netivity. “When it comes to DIB businesses, Avatara is unequivocally the answer. Their DoD Platform provides an easy-to-consume solution that nails down 100% of CMMC’s technology domain (84 controls) and expert guidance for the rest.”

With over a decade of experience working with DoD contractors, Avatara has long been at the forefront of compliance. Their clients are already advancing through JSVAP to undergo a DIBCAC assessment, poised to transition to Level 2 CMMC certification once federal rulings come into effect.

“We’re delighted to partner with Netivity to help as many DIB businesses as possible achieve compliance as quickly as possible,” said Kraig Kraig Kubicek, VP of Sales at Avatara. “The Netivity team shares our commitment not only to providing unmatched IT solutions but also to the urgency of safeguarding our nation. Compliance is a vital component of national security, and we take this responsibility seriously.”

Visitors to booth #301 at the 2023 National Cyber Summit will receive a complimentary assessment and invaluable insights into how Avatara’s DoD Platform, in partnership with Netivity, can revolutionize their IT infrastructure and compliance strategies.

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For more information about Netivity, please visit netivity.us/dod